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Boiling Point

by Karen Dionne

Boiling Point“Boiling Point” is the second book from American author Karen Dionne, although the cover gives her name as K L Dionne. Her first novel. “Freezing Point” was an exciting thriller with a team of scientists fighting against big corporate interest.

Boiling Point has a similar feel, with a couple of character making a return appearance. However, rather than facing a soulless corporation, the team this time have to contend with a mix of the raw power of mother nature, and the delusions of a scientific genius.
The book follows a number of characters who find themselves connected in their interests in the newly active Chaiten volcano in Chili.

So, whilst most people are running away from the eruption, the heroes our this tale are running in the opposite direction – right to the heart of the volcano.

Add to the floods, ash falls and flowing magma, two budding romances and some internecine fighting, Boiling Point has all the ingredients of a bestselling thriller. But for some reason, it never really reaches its full potential. Maybe it is me expecting too much, or maybe the writing falls short of what is needed, but whichever it is, the book failed to impress me in the way her first book did.

In some ways it’s a little like the series of low-budget disaster movies I have been watching lately. 

A good holiday read but lacking that indefinable something that would make it a really good book.

Freezing Point

Freezing Pointby Karen Dionne

Access to clean drinking water is something that we take for granted, But what happens when it is in short supply? For some, water is a right, something that should be made available to everyone, for others, it is an inexhaustible revenue stream.

In Freezing Point, Karen Dionne brings these two sides together in explosive mix. 

A team of scientists, working at a station in the Antarctic, find themselves at the centre of a conflict between environmentalists and big business. But there is something else lurking in the ice shelf, something unexpected and deadly.

The plot is not original, bearing a close resemblance to several other novels and films, but with strong characters, compelling science and a first class plot, “Freezing Point” is an exciting debut novel. There is plenty of action as the characters fight for their lives against the elements, business interests and a hidden, unexpected old enemy.

This is a well written, compelling and exciting book from an interesting writer.