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The City of Mirrors (The Passage #3)

The City of MirrorsThe epic Passage trilogy comes to a dramatic and conclusive end in this thrilling final instalment. At over 800 pages, it is quite a read, but well worth the investment in time and the wait. Unlike the first two books, City of Mirrors has more than one narrator and doesn’t follow a single timeline.

The action begins 20 years after the climactic events of book two. With the virals gone it is a whole new chapter for mankind. Just when what’s left of North America’s population begin to believe it is safe to turn off the lights and venture beyond the safety of their Texan compound, the old enemy creeps back. For a new generation of American’s, the virals have become something of a myth, the bogeymen from their parents past. But all legends and myths have are rooted in a truth, and they are just about to find out just how real these particular myths are.

One loose end from the previous two books that I felt needed resolving, was what was happening in the rest of the world whilst North America was being overrun by flesh eating virals. After all, the continent was quarantined at the virals themselves contained within its borders. Thankfully, this and other loose ends are neatly tied up.

After two books bursting with action, City of Mirrors feels a little slow at the start as we are introduced to a new narrator whose tale brings some clarity to the origins of the virals and their actions. It is the story of a man whose obsessions and decisions will bring humanity to the very edge of extinction. But his actions are not born out of hatred but love. Despite the body count and impressive stash of weapons, City of Mirrors is centred around a love story.

Unrequited love, maternal love and all-consuming passions direct the actions of each of the story’s main characters. Justin Cronin has proven himself to be a talented storyteller with a real vision. Bringing this incredible trilogy to a climactic and touching conclusion, City of Mirrors is a captivating and compelling read.

The Twelve (The Passage #2)

 The Twelveby Justin Cronin

The Twelve is the second instalment of Justin Cronin’s tale of a world (well, just North America actually) that has been ravaged by a vital plague. In the first book, “The Passage”, we were introduced to the main characters and the very different world they inhabit.
Most of the action in the second book set almost 100 years after the outbreak of the deadly plague, and a world where viral “vampires” hold sway over most of North America. Mankind has been reduced to a few outposts.

But unlike the first book, were men only had the ravaging virals themselves to deal with, in “The Twelve” we find that there is much more going on.

The Twelve referred to in the title are the twelve original victims, infected as part of a secret government experiment. Made up of death-row prisoners, they may not be the most suitable people to find themselves in control of a whole new breed, but that is what they. The only chance mankind has lies in the hands of a small girl called Amy – the girl from nowhere. But Amy isn’t what she seems. She has been a small child for almost 100 years but as the story nears it’s dramatic conclusion, she finds herself becoming a young woman. 

There are several different threads to follow, with the main characters coming together for an explosive end.

The story is well paced and well written. Justin Cronin knows how to tell a tale and his characters are as believable as ever. Where the first book had the advantage of setting the scene for a very different vampire-style tale, the second concentrates on the relationships and emotions of the protagonists. Maybe this is why some readers found it a little disappointing. For myself, I can only say I enjoyed it and would recommend both books.