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“Paper” by John McCabe

by John McCabe

Paper was not my first McCabe book, which is just as well. At least I know he can do much better.

The issue I had with this particular book is that it seems to go nowhere and takes its time getting there. I was over halfway through before even a semblance of a plot began to emerge. Even then it was a bit think on the ground. You can get away with a lack of plot if the characters and narrative can make up for it. But in this case, they don’t.

The story centres around scientist Dr Darren White and his dream of making an earth-shattering discovery. As the book progresses Dr White begins to make some progress but at the expense of his career and relationships. To be honest, I found I didn’t really care if he succeeded or not. McCabe failed to make his lead character even remotely likeable.

I found the book difficult to finish and was relieved when it was.

I can’t recommend this particular book, but I know from having previously read “Big Spender” I know that McCabe can be funny and can be an excellent storyteller. I won’t let this stop me reading more.

Big Spender

by John McCabe

Big SpenderAccording to the song by Pink Floyd, money is the root of all evil today. One person who can surely appreciate that feeling is Jake Cooper, the hapless hero of John McCabe’s excellent book “Big Spender” 

Safety Inspector Jake is finding it increasingly difficult to make his income match his expenditure. Having an at-home girlfriend addicted to internet chat rooms isn’t helping. 

Trying to make ends meet is only a part of Jake’s problems, what with the mysterious death of his miserly uncle Norbert, disillusionment with his job, his girlfriend’s online liaisons and falling in love with a firework developer, it seems his life is beginning to fall apart. 

Using a manuscript left behind by his uncle, Jake tries to turn his life around. And just when he thinks he might be getting somewhere, a long-forgotten face from his past returns demanding repayment of a debt.

Great humour and plot twists reminiscent of the late, great Tom Sharp make this an excellent holiday read. McCabe has a wonderful way of making the most ridiculous ideas seem plausible, I was captivated with the story and characters right from the start. 

John McCabe is another author to my must read more list.