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The Pirates! In an Adventure with Communists (The Pirates! #3)

Pirates! in an adventure with Communistsby Gideon Defoe

This is the second of Defoe’s Pirates series I have read (but not the second in the series!). Like the first, it is a fun, easy read. In this adventure the Pirate Captain and his indomitable crew team up with Karl Marx on an adventure that takes them from London to Paris.

There re also cameo appearances from Engles, Wagner and Nietzsche.

Very little high seas action, but plenty of ham, dressing up and philosophising. 

These are great little books for anyone who likes their humour slightly off centre and vaguely surreal.


Pirates! In and adventure with scientists

Pirates! in an adventure with scientistsby Gideon Defoe

I haven’t read any of his books before and still haven’t seen the film adaptation either, but thought it was worth a read.

It is a very short book but was one I found very funny. Some may find it a little childish, and it certainly wouldn’t win any prizes for its literary value but let’s face it, if you want something even remotely of literary merit, you wouldn’t pick a book with this title.

The story centres around the Pirate Captain and his rowdy crew of pirates, non of whom seems to have a name. They are tricked into boarding The Beagle in search of treasurer, only to be met with Charles Darwin and a ship load of interesting animals. The pirates then find themselves back in London where they help Darwin rescue his brother.

Great fun. Must get the rest.