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by Brian Freeman

I first read one of Brian Freeman’s books last autumn, when I was given a copy of “The Watcher”. It was an excellent book which left me wanting more.

What I hadn’t realised was that these books are part of a series, following the exploits of his creation, Jonathan Stride. In Stride, Freeman has created a complex character with the kind of past that makes him both vulnerable and resilient. Having lost the love of his life to cancer, followed by a disastrous second marriage, Stride finds love again. But that involves starting a new life in Las Vegas, where he and his lover, Serena Dial, find themselves chasing a serial killer whose victims at first seem to have nothing in common. 

But as two seemingly different cases become one, the detectives uncover a link to the heady days of the 1960s and the murder of a showgirl. But Las Vegas is a city of secrets, and the more Stride and his colleagues discover, the deeper and more sinister the secrets get.

But the villains aren’t the only ones with secrets. Both his lover Serena, and his partner Amanda have pasts that threaten to compromise the case. 

The story is well paced and believable, with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. I like to be given an opportunity to work out the clues, which I did, although the ending was suitably unpredictable, with a twist that I probably could have guessed, but didn’t.

If you like a good solid drama with realistic characters and plot, then Brian Freeman is the writer for you. I will certainly continue to look out for his books.

The Watcher

The Watcherby Brian Freeman

This book was recommended to me by the same person that introduced me to Martina Cole and Karen Slaughter, so I was expecting something sinister, gritty and dark, but what I got was so much more.

When journalist Trish Verdure returns to her home town to try to solve a thirty-year-old murder, she opens a veritable Pandora’s Box. It is a murder that has haunted Lieutenant Jonathan Stride for decades. Not only was the victim his girlfriend’s sister, but he also let the prime suspect escape. 
But not everyone is happy with this new investigation, and someone is doing everything they can to persuade Trish to end her investigation. With no known witnesses, too many secrets and an ever shifting line up of suspects, it begins to look like the case will remain unsolved. 

But all is not as it seems. Past and present clash in this gripping tale of secret loves, tormented pasts, grief and corruption makes compelling reading.

I often find that crime thrillers give the reader no chance of working out who did what. Either that or they are so predictable that they are boring. Not so here.

All the clues are there, but the story is so well structured that I was left with some doubts right up to the end. And the final twist is a killer! 

In “The Witness”, Brian Freeman has created characters that are totally believable and realistically flawed. The book has great pace and I didn’t want to put it down once I had started.

It is a great book with lots of action. I must keep an eye out for more.