The Hammer of God

by Arthur C Clarke

The Hammer of God

The Hammer in the the title is an asteroid that is heading for a collision with planet Earth. Not a new idea, but when the subject is tackled by someone like Arthur C Clarke, you know you are going to get more than you bargained for, or at least, that’s what you would expect.

It was an interesting enough book, but hardly a SciFi classic. I do sometimes find that his books sacrifice plot for science, and whilst I admit that one of the reasons I like his books generally is the high factual content, in this case, what remains of the plot after getting his scientific thesis across, is rather limp.

If you have seen Armageddon, then you know the plot of this little tale. The characters have little or no depth and seem to be there just to provide conversations on which to hang the scientific facts.

If I had wanted to read a thesis on the probability and history of asteroid impacts on the Earth I’d have gone to the library or the internet.

It was OK but a little disappointing. Maybe there was a good reason I hadn’t read it before.

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