Starting Over

Starting OverTony Parsons writes about contemporary emotional issues with great wit and insight. “Starting Over” is the story of George Bailey, a desk bound policeman who at the very beginning of the book suffers a near fatal heart attack. Following the lifesaving transplant, 42 year old George’s life begins to change irrevocably. Is it the heart of a 19-year-old, or is it the second chance the transplant has given him? 

But his new found “youth” has some unforeseen consequences for George. His relationship with his son and daughter switches from stern father to friend. But this puts him in permanent conflict with his wife, Lara, with inevitable consequences.

Tony Parsons is a good writer who can take almost any situation and find the funny side. Although I don’t think this is his best book, it is non the less full of charm and wit, and a central character that I felt great affinity, and more than a little pity for.

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