by Jane Moore

FourplayLet’s get this straight from the start. If you want a literary masterpiece, or an essay on the trials and tribulations of of the human sole, you will be barking up the wrong tree with this one. But, if like me, you want something light and “fluffy”, this one fits the bill with bells on.

“Fourplay” follows the rather mixed up love life of wife and mother Jo who, after throwing out her husband when she discovers his affair, finds herself embroiled in a love triangle with extras! Four very different men are competing for her affections, and she just can’t decide which, if any, deserve it.

Firstly, there is her husband, Jeff, who is thrown out after a dalliance with his secretary. Then there is Conor, her brother’s best friend who has held a torch for Jo since he first met her. A car accident introduces her to the sophisticated and confident Sean, whilst successfully businessman Martin wines and dines her in an attempt to make their relationship more than just professional (Jo has her own interior design company).

There is plenty of pace and humour, with some interesting and at time hilarious insights into relationships and how they can go so wrong.
For Jo, helped by her brother Tim and friend Rosie, finding the right man is proving to be a minefield, not helped her mother’s campaign to get her back with her husband.

I actually read the book in just a few days. It was easy to follow and kept my interest from the very beginning.

A great holiday read.

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