The Gift of Cockleberry Bay (Cockleberry Bay #3)

The Gift Of Cockleberry Bay

by Nicola May

by Nicola May

Once again we pay a visit to the residents of Cockleberry Bay. Over the previous two books, I have grown very fond of the residents of this quaint little village, nestled on the South Devon coast.

The usual cast of characters is here, including Rosa Smith and her faithful dachshund Hot. Now happily married and running both the Corner Shop and the Cockleberry Bay Cafe (recently renamed Rosa’s), Rosa now finds herself ready to pass on her beloved shop to someone else. However, she is not able to sell it – one of the stipulations of her inheriting the shop was that it cannot be sold, only passed on to someone who really deserves it. 

But how can she make such an important decision? How will she know she is doing the right thing?

These questions form the central pillar of the book’s story, but there is also, as you can imagine, lots of other distractions for Rosa and her friends. 

The Gift of Cockleberry Bay is as amusing and easy to read as the first two books, filled with humour, compassion intrigue and conflicting loyalties. Whilst there are a few interesting twists and a small mystery to solve, the ending is just what you would expect. 

I have enjoyed this series and hope that there will be more. I am sure that Rosa Smith’s story is far from over.