Red Rising

by Pierce Brown

Red Rising(#1 of the Red Rising Trilogy)

I picked up a copy of this book after coming across several very good reviews.

Red Rising is Pierce Brown’s debut novel, and the first book of his Red Rising trilogy.

Although it is set on Mars, it is more fantasy that science fiction. Set in the far future, mankind has spread out across the solar system, but not without some serious conflicts on the way. Society has evolved, or returned, to a colour-coded caste system. At the top of the pile are the Golds who rule with brutal efficiency, whilst at the bottom, literally, are the Reds.

Red Rising follows the story of Darrow, who works in the mines below Mars’ surface, working to help build a new home for humanity. But they have been betrayed. Mars is already inhabited with cities and forests sprawling across its surface.

Circumstances conspire to give Darrow an opportunity to work towards redressing the balance and giving his fellow Reds the opportunity to reap the rewards of their labours. Torn between revenge and justice, Darrow finds himself completing against and befriending young Golds as he takes his first steps on the road to bringing down the system that enslaved his family for generations.

Taking inspiration for several sci-fi/fantasy sources, and with more than a nod to Greek mythology, Pierce Brown’s debut is as exciting and well written novel. I was hooked from the very beginning. There is plenty of action with the plot taking several unexpected twists along the way.

Pierce Brown is a great story teller. I just hope the rest of the series is as good.

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