Perfect Match

by Jane Moore

Perfect MatchHaving read only one Jane Moor novel before (Fourplay) I was expecting the same sort of thing – a light, funny chick-lit book with just enough plot to keep me amused for a couple of hours. What I actually got was a surprisingly touching story with characters I found some sympathy for.

In a nutshell, Karen and Joe Eastman have a far from perfect marriage but they are happy, never more so than when their son is born. But when they discover that young Ben has a terminal illness, their lives are changed forever. The only way they can cure Ben’s illness is by having a “designer baby”. For any parent this would be a no-brainer, but things are not as simple as they seem. Well, it wouldn’t be a very interesting book if it was would it?

For Karen and Joe, the secrets that are revealed during the search for a cure threatens to break up the whole family. They must both make very difficult decisions and face some unpalatable truths if they are going to save their son.

From the very first page, Perfect Match was compelling, emotional and entertaining and completely different from “Fourplay”. It is not exactly great literature, but it is a very engaging read.

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