A Question of Us

A Question of Usby Mary Jane Baker

It’s the opening match of the Denworth Quiz League. Enter Clarice Midwinter, know to all as Clar, captain of the Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers. More than just a quiz team, the Flower Arrangers have been friends since their school days and it sometimes feels that they are the only thing keeping Clarice sane.

Beside her for every match is Simon. Clar and Simon have been best friends since they were at nursery together but now, at 26, something is changing. Simon’s attempts to whisk Clar off on a date are not new, but they have become more intense and frequent. It seems that their relationship is on the brink of change and either way it goes, things will never be the same again.

As the team embark on the 14th season, Simon challenges Clar to go on a date with him if they can win the league this year. Although their chances seem fairly remote, the fact that he is prepared to make such a bold move sets warning bells off in Clar’s head. Now it is all too real. She can no longer shrug off his intentions, nor can she ignore Simon’s determination to win the league and the bet – not necessarily in that order.

Clarise and Simon are both forced to face their true feelings for each other and things will inevitably go wrong before Clarise comes to terms with the truth behind the decisions she has made throughout her life.

A Question of Us is a very funny and well-observed romantic comedy that ticks all the boxes as far as I am concerned. 

I loved the characters and their friendly banter. They understand each other in a way only life-ling friends can. There are no secrets and nothing is taboo. 

The only strange thing about reading this book, and it is probably more to do with me than Mary Jane Baker is that as I read the dialogue, I heard Welsh accends and not the Yorkshire twang I should have. I think it is because of the relaxed way in which the characters interact with each other. 

This is the second Mary Jane Baker book I have read and it was even better than the first (Bicycle Made For Two). I would heartily recommend this to anyone who is looking for a very funny escape from the realities of everyday life.