Murder at the University (DI Hillary Greene, #2)

Murder at the Universityby Faith Martin

DI Hillary Greene is back for her second outing, clearing up the streets of Oxford. And a damn fine job she is doing of it. 

This time we find DI Green still suffering from the aftermath of the investigation into her deceased husband’s criminal activities. But she is well respected within the station and determined to remove any stain on her reputation.

A pretty French student has been found dead in her room at an exclusive Oxford College. As DI Greene arrives it appears to be a simple case of an accidental drug overdose. But as the investigation begins, Hillary’s inscrutable instinct tells her that there is more to the case than first thought.

As the evidence comes in, Hillary and her team realise they are dealing with a clever but brutal murder. She is relentless in her search for the truth and slowly begins to uncover a web os=f secrets hidden beneath the college’s veneer of respectability. In the end, it is a chance remark by a colleague that opens the case up and ultimately reveals the truth behind the cruel murder of a promising young girl.

Murder at the University has everything you would expect, and want, from a detective story. There are plenty of plot twists and clues, but also some great characters, particularly Di Hillary Greene herself. What you won’t find here are in-depth discussions about police procedure or rambling descriptions of people and places. The narrative is fast-paced and focused. Whilst we discover a lot about the characters as the story progresses, it is no more than necessary to drive the plot and set the scene for future books.

Faith Martin has a simple but direct way of writing. The plot has plenty of twists and turns and her characters are diverse and believable. Their relationships are as much a part of the story as the investigation itself. 

I for one am pleased to have been introduced to the world of Hillary Greene and am looking forward to joining her on more adventures in the future.