The Honey Farm On The Hill

The Honey Farm On The Hillby Jo Thomas

It is 18 years since fiery red-head Nell fell in love on and with the mountains of Crete. Now, with her daughter working in London and her job on hold due to a fire, Nell decides it is time to return. Can she find and rekindle her teenage romance? Will Stelios even still be there and if he is, will he want to see her, let alone still love her?

From the moment she arrives on the island it is clear that a lot has changed over the intervening years. She has signed up as a volunteer to help on a honey farm situated in the mountains. She immediately throws herself into helping restore the farm to its former glory.

It soon becomes clear that beneath the idyllic setting there is something vaguely sinister going on. And what about the mysterious and enigmatic neighbour Georgios? What is his role in the goings-on up in the mountains?

Nell soon learns not only the truth behind these things but also about what really happened when she fled the island all those years ago.

The Honey Farm On The Hill is a perfect holiday read. It has the inevitable romance mixed with a little mystery and adventure, something that Jo Thomas always manages to weave into her books. Her passion for food is apparent as she tells us all about Greek herbs and honey.

If I have one criticism it would be the all too predictable ending. I felt that the story and it’sm characters deserved something a little less formulaic. I would have prefered a less clinical and Austenesque, but that is just personal preference. It is a light, easy read that is guaranteed to entertain.