A Bicycle Made For Two

A Bicycle Made For Twoby Mary Jane Baker

One of the great pleasures of reading is to escape the trials and tribulations of everyday life and lose yourself in a simple and more predictable one.

Mary Jane Baker delivers just that in A Bicycle Made For Two. It is a story set in the romantic surroundings of the Yorkshire Dales – where else would you expect to find a medieval-themed restaurant run by an Italian family, with the owners preparing to organise a bicycle race?

Sounds far fetched I know, but it works surprisingly well. The restaurant gives the story a unique base and an excuse for some interesting one-liners.

A chance meeting between Lorna Donati (who runs the restaurant with her brother Tom) and professional cyclist Stuart McLean sparks a series of events with an inevitable conclusion. Like all good romances, whilst the ultimate destination may be predictable, the journey itself is not.

Lorna finds herself spearheading a campaign to bring the Grand Départ route through their small village. Her search for a unique selling point leads her and her friends to start on a second campaign to re-open a disused viaduct.

Whilst this helps distract Lorna and Tom from the loss of their beloved father, it also tests them in other ways. For the shy Tom, there is his infatuation with Cameron, for Lorna, it’s her love to hate relationship with McLaren.

There is a wonderful mix of interesting characters and a plot twists that make this an easy and enjoyable read. I enjoyed the pure escapism of the narrative, the well defined and witty characters and the pace at which events unfold. A great summer read.