Rotherwierdby Andrew Caldercott

Rotherweird is a somewhat difficult book to describe. It has elements of gothic horror, fantasy and drama, underlaid with subtle humour.

The story centres around the links between our world and a parallel dimension where strange and mysterious forces are at play. The bridge between these two worlds lies within the confines of the secretive town of Rotherweird. The town and its citizens live by their own rules and very little contact with the world beyond their border.

Established during the reign if Elizabeth I, Rotherweird enjoys almost complete independence, but does exist with a number of restrictions, the most important being that nobody studies the town or its history. This presents a bit of a challenge for Jonah Oblong, the newly appointed History teacher at the Rotherweird School. Undaunted by this he soon begins to become acquainted with the townsfolk and their ways but he is not the only new face in town. The old manor has a new inhabitant, the mysterious Sir Veronal and his “wife” Lady Slickstone.

There are a plethora of interesting characters, all playing their part in the events that are about to unfold, bringing great danger to not only Rotherweird but the strange the inhabitants of the mysterious Lost Acre. Not everyone is as they seem and it soon becomes clear that there is a very good reason for keeping the town’s history a secret.

The plot has all the twists and turns you would expect from a good drama but I have difficulty with the more fantastic elements of the story. Strange creatures, reminiscent of something from ancient mythology, ancient books and characters who are much older than they seem make for an interesting mix.

As I said, it is a rather strange book and one that I had some trouble following at times. I enjoyed the story but some of the narrative lacked clarity. Having said that there are some strange and enticing characters whose stories I found intriguing. I enjoyed the book and was happy with the plot and the eventual outcome. However, I am not too sure about seeking out the next books in the series.