The Ex-Files

The Ex-Filesby Jane Moore

Not to be confused with the relationship between Fox Mulder and Dana Skully, Jane Moore’s Ex-Files examines relationships between people with very different characters. At a push, I could extrapolate on several similarities between the stories but that really would be pushing things a bit too far.

The Ex-Files is a rom-com, but like most of Jane Moore’s stories, there is a twist. In this case the main focus of the story is Faye and Mark’s wedding weekend. Inviting four exe’s may not have been the best idea either of them has had, but as it turns out, it was not the worst. 

Over the course of the weekend Faye, a successful model, comes face to face with an unexpected extra ex, the consequences of which will affect everyone involved.

Although the book deviates slightly from the traditional rom-com format, the plot is intrinsically the same as her other books. Whilst there are opportunities along the way for the plot to deviate, the end result is pretty much as I expected.

The Ex-Files is a quick and enjoyable read. Not in any way taxing but all the better for it. The characters are all well developed and the narrative fairly interesting. I enjoyed the book which provided some light relief.