Welcome to my book blog

Because when I read the world's just better

Welcome to the little corner of cyberspace I have set aside for books and writing. I have been reviewing the books I read for quite a while now. I do have other plans for this site but for one reason or another, I never seem able to turn ideas into reality. You never know, maybe one day soon…

One thing I did manage to do a couple of years ago was to create a character and write a regular blog. I only kept it up for a year but am quite pleased with the way it went.  The full blog can still be found at https://lordrobertblog.wordpress.com

If I do manage to get around to writing any further instalments, either from Lord Robert or any of the other characters in his world, I will post it here. 

But for now, it’s all about book reviews…

What am I reading now?

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