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I Should Be So Lucky

by Judy Astley

I Should Be So LuckySome books you read for pleasure, some to educate and some because you feel you should. Judy Astley’s books are very much a pleasure, albeit a guilty one. Her style of romantic fiction is just right for those occasions when you need something that won’t tax the mind and can be dipped in and out of easily. This is not to say they are not well written, because they are.

This kind of fiction is formulaic and predictable. But it’s that very predictability that I find so appealing at times. Almost from the word go, you know how the story will end. But it has never been about the destination, more about the journey. Judy Astley takes her readers with her on a journey through almost ordinary lives, but ones that have just enough of a twist and turn to make them interesting

In “I should be so Lucky”, the main character, Viola fights to some independence for herself and her 14-year-old daughter, one year after the death of her second husband. But as is often the case, her biggest problem seems to be her own brother and sister who for reasons of their own, want her to sell her property and continue to live with their mother.

Viola and her teenage daughter Rachael return to their old home and begin to rebuild their lives. Viola has a new man in her life (sort of) but he may not be all he seems.

This is actually the perfect summer read. It is light and frivolous, packed with humour. The twists and turns of the plot are predictable but no less enjoyable for being so. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, but am ready now for something a little more challenging.