Ten Little Herrings (Elsie and Ethelred Mystery #2)

by L C Tyler

Ten Little HerringsWith more red herrings and plot twists than a box full of Agatha Christie’s, our bumbling duo find themselves once again at the heart of a murder mystery. 

For this, their second outing, crime writer Ethelred Tressider and his pushy agent Elsie Thirkettle, are temporarily relocated to the Loir Valley. Which is rather unexpected really as Ethelred was last seen boarding a plane that exploded mid-flight. Elsie has been doing all she can to settle his affairs when, out of the blue, she receives a phone call from the said deceased author asking for her help. The pair are reunited at a rather shabby little French hotel, just in time to become suspects in a murder. Who would have thought that stamp collecting could be so dangerous? 

Ten Little Herrings combines great comedy with a serious crime story. L C Tyler’s clever wit and talent for slapstick make this a very enjoyable read. This is the second book of the series and the characters of Ethelred – the serious and rather lazy writer – and Elsie – bombastic chocoholic – are now firmly established. I can’t wait to read more of their adventures.