Right on Time

by Pauline McLynn

Right On TimeBack for her third adventure, Dublin’s most unconventional private detective, Leo Street and her eccentric team. Taking on a simple missing person case, Leo soon finds herself staring at the dark underbelly of Dublin’s less salubrious side.

Full of the usual wit and charm I have come to expect from Paulin McLynn, there is also a darker side of the story, embracing the seedy world of addiction and prostitution. Alongside this, Leo is facing some difficult decisions in her private life. But as with her previous outings, the lines between home and work become very blurred. There is a distinctly Irish charm about McLynn’s writing, even when her hero finds herself face to face with some of the city’s seedier characters. I witty aside or slapstick moment is never far away.

The reader is reminded ther9ught the book that every city has its dark side, hidden away from tourists and locals alike. Once again Pauline McLynn has produced a book that combines good plot, wonderful characters and a natural and subtle wit. I really do enjoy journeying into the worlds that she creates.

Right on Time in an uncomplicated read, but one that does challenge preconceptions about Dubin and its culture. A very enjoyable book.