Pirates! In and adventure with scientists

Pirates! in an adventure with scientistsby Gideon Defoe

I haven’t read any of his books before and still haven’t seen the film adaptation either, but thought it was worth a read.

It is a very short book but was one I found very funny. Some may find it a little childish, and it certainly wouldn’t win any prizes for its literary value but let’s face it, if you want something even remotely of literary merit, you wouldn’t pick a book with this title.

The story centres around the Pirate Captain and his rowdy crew of pirates, non of whom seems to have a name. They are tricked into boarding The Beagle in search of treasurer, only to be met with Charles Darwin and a ship load of interesting animals. The pirates then find themselves back in London where they help Darwin rescue his brother.

Great fun. Must get the rest.

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