Between Assassinations

Between Assassinationsby Aravind Adiga

Although it is well written with well-rounded and intriguing characters, the book as a whole lacks any kind of direction of plot. There is a theme of sorts, basically a collection of snap-shots about life in a large Indian Town. But there is no tangible link between the characters or their stories. I have come across several good books and films where individual story are entwined to paint a single picture, but not in this case.

Aravind is a gifted writer, and despite my comments above, the books is a good read and is certainly ambitious. Throughout the book we are introduced to a wide variety of characters, ranging from a disillusioned journalist to a delivery boy with ambition to be something more. 

Each of the characters finds themselves pitted against the ingrained cast system and how it traps individuals into a predefined life style. Like the previous books, “Between The Assassinations” puts the inequality and corruption systemic in modern India centre stage.

I am glad this was not the first of his books that I read, otherwise I would not have been so tempted to read the others, but it is an intriguing collection of moral tales that I found to be strangely captivating.

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