The Woman on the Bus

by Pauline McLynn

The Woman on the BusThere is something endearing laid back about the Irish. This is my observation have read the work of several Irish novelists, and one not challenged by Pauline McLynn’s charming and very funny look at rural Irish life.

Probably better known for her portrayal of Mrs Dyle on the comedy Father Ted, she is carving out a parallel career as an author. I read her first novel “Something for the Weekend” several years ago and must admit that I had kind of forgotten about her as an author. Silly me. Now that I have “rediscovered” her work I will make a point of getting my hands on her other novels.

The woman on the bus of the title arrives in the village of Kilbrody on quiet summer’s evening, drinking herself into oblivion at the local pub. Who is she and why is she there? Very soon the woman on the bus is the only subject of interest to the people of Kilbrody. 

But they are not the only one’s asking questions about her past. It seems she is as much a mystery to herself as she is to those who have come to her rescue.

A very funny book with some charming characters – the alcoholic famer on the verge of losing his family and the tee-total publican with a chequered past. With romance blossoming and rivalries coming to a head, The Woman on the Bus is a treat, a light-hearted look at rural Ireland but with a string message about families and the importance of relationships. 

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