The Time Is Now

by Pauline McLynn

The Time Is NowHaving read several Pauline McLynn novels, I thought I knew what to expect and was looking forward to a warm and funny tale of rural Irish folk. That is not what I got.

The book started well, if a little out of character for McLynn, following the troubled new year of young Karen. Finding her best friend dead in the bath was just the beginning. Then the story jumped to appoint in the future. Same building but totally different residents. I struggled to get to grips with the plot but, when the story switched to following a Victorian scullery maid, I admit I gave up. 

I have read many books where the plot switches between time frames, such as Cloud Atlas, and usually manage to follow what is going on. But in this case, I found I didn’t want to know what was going on. Whilst I felt I could sympathise with Karen and her mixed up flat mate, the other two plots just left me cold ad uninterested.

A disappointing book.

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