One Day

One Dayby David Nicholls

Having seen the film adaptation some time ago I felt I sort of knew what to expect from Nicholls’ best selling novel. And, sure enough, what I got was a humorous romantic comedy with a generous portion of tragedy on the side, just to spice it up a bit.

One Day tells the story of Emma and Dexter over 20 years, starting with their first meeting on the night of their graduation from Edinburgh Universite on 15th July 1988. We revisit the pair on the same day each year (St Swithens Day), peeking into their lives and friendship through some testing times. 

I found I really engaged with the somewhat “whirlwind” journey through twenty years of laughs, loves, loss and failures as they navigate life after university. Their lives follow very different paths but they always, inevitably, lead back to each other. Despite the very obvious differences between them, they have an enviable bond that ensures they are there for each other, whatever happens. But underneath that platonic facade is something much deeper that both recognise bur keep well hidden, or so they believe.

Yes, it is a romantic comedy, but one with a twist. I found myself totally wrapped up in Emma and Dexter’s lives, even if at times I found myself not liking Dexter so much. I felt like a mutual friend touching base once a year.

For those who haven’t seen the film, I recommend it but read the book first.