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Stardustby Neil Gaiman

We each read books for different reasons. Some want to be informed, some to be entertained and sometimes, all we want is a way to escape from reality. If it is the later you are after then Neil Gaiman has to be high on your list of authors to read.

Neil has a strange view of the world, which often means leaving it in pursuit of a good story. And with “Stardust” he does just that.

I remember seeing the film several years ago and was left thinking, “what the hell was that all about?” That is not to say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did. I have thought about reading the book many times but it wasn’t until I came across it in a local charity shop that I took the plunge.

Stardust is a sort of fairy tale for adults. It is a short book, just short of 200 pages, but is packed with adventure, romance, magic and morality.

The story follows the adventures of young Tristan Thorn who vows to bring back a fallen star for his beloved Victoria Forester. His journey takes him beyond an ancient wall into the mysterious lands beyond.

On his quest, Tristan finds not only the star, which has transformed into a beautiful young woman, but also a unicorn, several witches and parrot that turns out to be one of the family!

If this all sounds a bit strange, that’s because it is. A story like this could only come from the slightly warped mind of Neil Gaiman.

Although not to everyone’s taste, “Stardust” is a wonderful bit of escapism, the kind of book that leaves the mediocrity of everyday life behind.