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Summer of Love

Summer of loveby Katie Fford

I enjoy a wide range of genres and authors, and the books I chose to read often reflect my mood at the time. Sometimes I want to be challenged, whilst at other times I want to indulge my fascination with science or other cultures. There are also times when all I want is some light relief from everything else going on around me. When things get stressful at work or home, I often turn to romantic fiction. At such times, authors like Katie Fford offer humour, romance and above all predictability. 

“Summer Of Love” is suitably predictable with our heroin, single mother Sian, being the only person who doesn’t seem to know how the story is going to end!

Like Alan Titchmarsh, Celia Ahern and Marian Keyes, Katie Fford offers pure escapism through books with no challenges but well written, at time informative but always enjoyable, if you like that sort of thing.

I can’t help being a bit of an old romantic. Even my DVD collection reflects this with almost complete collections of Doris Day and Sandra Bullock films. 

Following the misunderstandings of Sian and Gus as they work out that they do in fact love each other provided some mucj needed light relief. Pure escapism, but there’s nothing wrong with that.