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Between Assassinations

Between Assassinationsby Aravind Adiga

Although it is well written with well-rounded and intriguing characters, the book as a whole lacks any kind of direction of plot. There is a theme of sorts, basically a collection of snap-shots about life in a large Indian Town. But there is no tangible link between the characters or their stories. I have come across several good books and films where individual story are entwined to paint a single picture, but not in this case.

Aravind is a gifted writer, and despite my comments above, the books is a good read and is certainly ambitious. Throughout the book we are introduced to a wide variety of characters, ranging from a disillusioned journalist to a delivery boy with ambition to be something more. 

Each of the characters finds themselves pitted against the ingrained cast system and how it traps individuals into a predefined life style. Like the previous books, “Between The Assassinations” puts the inequality and corruption systemic in modern India centre stage.

I am glad this was not the first of his books that I read, otherwise I would not have been so tempted to read the others, but it is an intriguing collection of moral tales that I found to be strangely captivating.

Man and Boy (Harry Silver #1)

man and boyby Tony Parsons

Some books are designed to excite, some are full of action and adventure, others romance or comedy. Still others reach into your heart and emotions in a very unique way. This is one such book. Man and Boy has a little of everything in it, but ultimately it is a study of the relationships between a man, his father and his son.

On the face of it, Harry Silver has everything – beautiful wife, adorable son, his dream job in TV, and the sports car to match. But not for long! Harry soon discovers just how fragile it all can be.

As he watches his marriage crumble and his career slip though his fingers, Harry has to come to terms with his own weaknesses. As he starts to build a new life for himself and his son Pat, he learns what life and love are really all about.

Man and Boy is a wonderfully told story that cannot fail to touch your heart. It is touching and funny, something not achieved very often.

I really enjoyed this book. A change from the norm definitely.