Welcome to my book blog


Hi and welcome to my book blog.

When I started to create this new site, bringing together as many of my previous book reviews as I could, I was surprised at just how many I have written over the years. It has been a great opportunity to look back at books I have forgotten about.

I may develop it a little further, but will at least continue to review the books I read. 

So, without further ado…

What am I reading now?

GatewayI have decided it is about time I got back to my first literary love, Science Fiction. I have recently started buying books from authors I have, for whatever reason, missed over the years. There are so many great SciFi authors and so many great books that I need to catch up on. 

Frederik Pohl’s Gateway is one of the SF Masterworks series. The series has proved to be a great opportunity for me to catch up with missed classics. It is a great introduction to the genre for those who haven’t read SciFi before.